Hypertension Case-Finding Service

The Hypertension Case-Finding Service was launched on 1st October 2021 as an Advanced Service. The service is predominantly about hypertension case finding in undiagnosed patients. However, where there is agreement between the GP practice and the community pharmacy, GPs can also refer patients with an existing diagnosis of hypertension to a community pharmacy of the patient’s choice.


In public-facing communications, the service is described as the NHS Blood Pressure Check Service.


Key Information

All of the key information about this service including the service specification can be found on the PSNC website.


Useful Resources 

CPWY has held two CPWY Connect Events which incorporated information about the Hypertension Case-Finding Service.


For those contractors who have access to NHS Futures, you can also find resources that NHSE has shared on this platform.


Other Learning and Development Resources

VirtualOutcomes Training (free for all West Yorkshire pharmacy teams). This online training is only 15 minutes long and includes understanding about:

  • What equipment and training is required.
  • What protocols you need to agree locally.
  • How the service works and what actions to take depending on the results.
  • How the pharmacy can work collaboratively with GP and PCN colleagues.
Visit the VirtualOutcomes website for more information.


CPPE also has a suite of resources for learning about hypertension.



Last Updated: 10th May 2022