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CPWY Events and Training

Community Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Service Event – Wednesday 4th October 2023

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire AGM – Thursday 5th October 2023

Reset and Recover Programme – On Demand


PCN Lead Events


Other Providers


The Learning Pharmacy

School of Medicines Optimisation

Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)

Other Events and Training


CPWY – Events and Training

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire will be hosting online meetings for all West Yorkshire community pharmacy contractors and their teams. We will be using Zoom to provide you with the latest information. Details of how to use Zoom are available here.



Community Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Service Event – Wednesday 4th October 2023

The NHS Trusts within West Yorkshire are actively in the process of setting up referrals to the NHS Community Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Service (SCS) with three Trusts already live and making referrals to community pharmacies registered to provide the service. It is expected that all Trusts will be making referrals by November 2023.

This event is being held to support West Yorkshire pharmacies who are registered to provide the SCS and West Yorkshire pharmacies who haven’t signed up to the service but want to know more about the service before signing up via MYS.

This online event is taking place on Wednesday 4th October 2023 at 7.15pm – 8.30pm. Please see the details below and the link to book your place.

Event Overview 


Introduction to the SCS including why the service is important in reducing morbidity and mortality from smoking, and to reduce health inequalities associated with higher rates of smoking.

Patient journey through the service, from an inpatient through referral at discharge to support provided by community pharmacy.

Key information and resources for community pharmacy.

Question and answer session.

Ruth Buchan – Community Pharmacy Clinical Lead, West Yorkshire ICB

Nicola Goodberry Kenneally – CEO, Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire

Steve King – Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, NHS SCS Implementation Team, MLCSU

Sally Lee – Improving Population Health Project Manager, West Yorkshire ICB


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Book your place by clicking on the link above. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation emailing detailing the link to join the Zoom meeting on the evening. Please check your junk/spam email if you do not receive this after registering.


The event is open for all the pharmacy team but will be particularly useful for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are either registered to provide the SCS or want to know more about the service before signing up to provide via MYS.

Please note that this event does not meet the essential training requirements as outlined in the SCS Service Specification for those providing the SCS.

If you want to check if your pharmacy is registered for the service, or the current status of your local Trusts, the Midlands and Lancashire Commissioning Support Unit (who are assisting with the implementation of the service) has published a dashboard which shows the progress with NHS Trusts engaging with the service and the pharmacies registered to provide it: National dashboard for the rollout of the service.


This event may be recorded to be shared, via the CPWY website and/or the CPWY YouTube channel, with those who are unable to attend this event.



Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire AGMThursday 5th October 2023

The Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire AGM will be held online on Thursday 5th October 2023 at 7.30 – 8.15pm.


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Please note, this event may be recorded to be shared, via the CPWY website and / or the CPWY YouTube channel, with those who are unable to attend this event.

Please register to attend the event by clicking on the ‘Book Here’ button above and complete the online registration form. Once you have booked on, you will receive a confirmation email, confirming your place and the details of this meeting (including the link to join the Zoom Meeting).



Reset and Recover Programme: A Comprehensive and Free Developmental Programme to Reset Your Pharmacy

The Reset and Recover Programme is for Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire contractors, designed and delivered by pharmacy training specialists, Pharmacy Complete.  The programme focuses on why we have to change what we do and how we can work differently, as we reintroduce services in a COVID context.

More information on the programme is included in this video from Deborah Evans at Pharmacy Complete:

The list of the modules and what they cover can be found in the document below, including the on-demand links and passwords to access the modules.

Reset and Recover Programme: Modules and On-Demand Links



CPWY is working with VirtualOutcomes to deliver a series of online training events throughout the year.  The training is free to access and is open to all members of the pharmacy team.  An introduction for VirtualOutcomes can be found here: You will be able to access a certificate for each module completed.  If you need help logging on to watch the webinar please see the VirtualOutcomes Login Easy Guide.

The latest modules available can be found below.  The whole range of different topics / modules available for you to access can be found on the VirtualOutcomes website here.


Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) 2023/24 – September 2023

VirtualOutcomes has released two different modules looking at the PQS 2023/24.  Module one focuses on the Funding and Gateway Criteria and module two focuses on the Quality Domains.  These modules will give you the key points that you and your team need to achieve to claim your money.

Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2023/24 – e-Learning Flyer


NHS Flu Vaccination Service 23/24 – August 2023

This course will help you and your team understand why its important to support the annual national flu campaign, understand which vaccines are being used this year and to have a clearer understanding of some of the myths around the flu vaccination.  More information can be found in the flyer below or on the Virtual Outcomes website here.

Flu Vaccination Service 2023-24 e-Learning Flyer


Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (AAIs) – June 2023 

This course will help you and your team understand what anaphylaxis is and what the main triggers are and how to identify the symptoms, to understand how to help a person having an anaphylactic attack and how to use an adrenaline auto-injector, what information you should share with patients and how to increase awareness of the use of adrenaline auto-injectors in schools.  More information can be found in the flyer below or on the Virtual Outcomes website here.

Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (AAIs) e-Learning Flyer


Some of the other modules available via Virtual Outcomes can be found in the flyers below:

Acute and Chronic Diarrhoea e-Learning Flyer

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) e-Learning Flyer

Menopause – e-Learning Flyer

Smoking Cessation Service – e-Learning Flyer

ENT Training – e-Learning Flyer


Primary Care Network (PCN) Lead Events

CPWY hosts regular PCN Lead events and meetings, to help support the PCN Lead to successfully do their role.

Future meetings will be detailed here in due course.

If you would like more information or the details of how to book your place, please contact


Other Providers

These are events and training which are not organised by Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire but may be of interest to pharmacy teams in West Yorkshire.



The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) is funded by Health Education England to provide continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians providing NHS services in England.  All CPPE events are open to pharmacists, pre-reg pharmacists and technicians registered with CPPE.

The next set of online workshops running from June 2023 are now live for booking. See the document below for further details.

CPPE Workshops and Learning Resources – June 2023

Please contact the CPPE Regional Tutor for Yorkshire & Humber if you have any questions or would like further assistance or information, by emailing


The Learning Pharmacy

This online learning environment offers interactive learning for community pharmacy that is fun, free and easy to access. It is produced by CPPE but can be accessed by all the pharmacy team.  Learning topics include cancer, diabetes, child health, consultation skills and sexual health.


School of Medicines Optimisation

The multi-professional school will work together with stakeholders on medicines education and training with a wide range of staff across all workforce groups in health and social care, to support patients to improve outcomes from medicines use.  The website has dedicated pages for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and the non-registered workforce and includes links to training opportunities including Medicines Optimisation Training, Accuracy Checking Medicines and work based learning modules.


Royal Pharmaceutical Society

CPCS CPD Sessions

The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) requires pharmacists to use their core skills to provide consultations for patients with minor illnesses. The RPS is running free CPD sessions in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners. During the CPD session you’ll be shown exactly how to manage referrals and practice how to handle referrals in real-life situations with GPs and other healthcare professionals. This training is open to all community pharmacists, not just RPS members.  Register for the training here:


Other Events and Training


Clozapine is a hospital-only drug which is never initiated in primary care and (locally) is always exclusively a Red drug; however because of its significant potential toxicities and the propensity for serious drug interactions it is valuable for community pharmacists, GP pharmacists– and indeed acute secondary care pharmacists — to have a rudimentary working knowledge of it. This briefing outlines the important issues which may arise within primary care. The recorded briefing can be accessed here

This information has been produced by the Yorkshire Pharmacy in Psychiatry Group, a special interest group for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working in mental health.


‘Lets Communicate Cancer Series’ by British Oncology Pharmacy Association e-Learning

Let’s Communicate Cancer is free and easily accessible e-Learning where you can learn about cancer from basics to detail. It is presented as bite-sized videos, animation, quizzes and slide shows. The e-Learning will give you confidence and knowledge to help your cancer patients – from early diagnosis through treatment.  Lets Communicate Cancer is aimed at ALL staff working in the pharmacy and beyond. Go to and click on the logo or access via the courses section. You can join these courses as a free BOPA member.

Click here to access the course


Dementia Friends Information Sessions

Dementia Friendly Leeds is a campaign to raise awareness about dementia, support businesses, groups and organisations in Leeds to become more dementia-friendly and empower people living with dementia to influence services and policy.

This is a programme by the Alzheimer’s Society. They work with health care providers to offer ‘Dementia Awareness information session’ or Dementia Friends sessions. These sessions will provide staff in the pharmacy with basic understanding of dementia and the way it might affect people living with this condition. It will also encourage attendees to commit to an action that will make the lives of people living with dementia a little bit better.

This is a campaign running in Leeds, however, sessions across West Yorkshire can be found on the Dementia Friends website.

For more information, or to book a place, visit: 



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