ENT Assessment Service

The ENT Assessment Service is commissioned by NHS ICB in Leeds.  The overall aim of the service is to ensure that patients can access an ENT examination in community pharmacy to guide self-care advice for the treatment of ENT conditions which may include the purchase or supply of an OTC treatment.


The service is initially only open to pharmacies located in specific areas of Leeds (as determined by NHS ICB in Leeds). Therefore, for this first phase of the service, only those pharmacies invited to apply are eligible to provide the service.


The service is delivered by a pharmacist who must have completed the mandatory training.  This includes a bespoke CPPE ENT Advanced Clinical Assessment Skills local workshop, (there is no equivalent training available via the CPPE website).  The event details have been sent to the relevant pharmacies invited to provide the service.

Below you will find links to a range of documents to support service delivery in your pharmacy.

Leeds ENT Assessment Service Specification

Leeds ENT Assessment Service Pathway

Leeds ENT Assessment Service Contract

Leeds ENT Invite Letter

Leeds ENT Assessment Service – Equipment List


CPWY Virtual ENT Event – Presentation Slides

CPWY Virtual ENT Event – Recording


Claims for this service are processed via PharmOutcomes.

ENT Service Payment Breakdown & How to Claim



Patient leaflets – the TARGET Treating Your Infection – Respiratory Tract Infection and Managing Your Common Infection (Self-Care) leaflets are recommended to support the ENT consultation.



Last Updated: 2nd February 2023