Controlled Drugs


Controlled Drug Accountable Officer (CDAO) – West Yorkshire

The CD Accountable Officer for Yorkshire and Humber region is Gazala Khan.


Reporting CD Incidents: Report via



Authorised Witness CD Destruction

The CD destruction process put in place by the the NHS England North East and Yorkshire Controlled Drugs Accountable Officer enables the authorisation of a registered colleague within the pharmacy team to act as an authorised witness during the pandemic.  This will allow the CDs to be denatured at a convenient time, promptly free up capacity in the CD cabinet(s) and without the additional burden of waiting for a third-party authorised person to attend.


Authorisation must be granted by the CDAO BEFORE any controlled drugs are destroyed.   Pharmacy contractors will need to:

  • Download the application form and signature sheet below.

New Application Form (Word)

New Application Form (PDF)

Part 3 Signature Sheet (Word)

Part 3 Signature Sheet (PDF)

  • Nominate a registered healthcare professional, this could be a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician who will be the Authorised Person.
  • Work through Part 1 of the form (pre-application checklist).
  • The nominated registered healthcare professional should complete Part 2 of the application form (application to act as an authorised witness).
  • Submit a list of the drugs to be destroyed as a new destruction request on the CD Portal: and add the reference number to Part 2.
  • Nominated healthcare professional should complete Part 3 signature sheet.
  • Email a copy of the completed application form and signature sheet  to


The CDAO has requested that where possible, the applicants use the Word document and complete the form electronically, rather than submitting a handwritten form and sign the declaration form with a hand-written signature or an electronic copy of a hand-written signature, and send as a photo or PDF document.

Once the application has been assessed and regulatory checks have been completed the CDAO will determine to issue an Authorised Witness Status limited to 28 days to witness the destruction of CDs with the quantities listed on your portal request. The Authorised Witness will be issued with guidance to help with record keeping and a notification form to complete once the destructions have been completed.

Please note that due to a high volume of applications it may take up to 56 days to process, this may be longer if applications are not completed fully.



The CD Portal

The CD Portal can be accessed here: The Portal has a number of functions:

  • Reporting incidents
  • FAQs
  • User Forum
  • Access newsletters
  • Review all your CD submissions
  • Export your incidents into Microsoft Excel
  • Report an error/query via the ticket system.



Controlled Drugs: T28 Form

All locations where CD destructions are taking place, should have a T28 form, which is an environmental health record of CD destruction locations. This is free and obtainable online via website here:



West Yorkshire Police Controlled Drug Liaison Officer

The West Yorkshire Police Controlled Drug Liaison Officer contact is Nicola Brookes:

Telephone: 01924 293131



Security Advice for Pharmacies

The National Business Crime Centre, a UK organisation hosted within the Metropolitan Police Service, published security advice for pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although this is written in reference to COVID-19, the key messages are valid even outside of the pandemic. This includes advice on security of the premises, opening and closing times, secure storage, customers and deliveries, and ensuring any incidents are reported to the police. This information is available from the RPS but is accessible to all, including non-members.


Calls requesting information about stock levels

The police in the UK are aware of telephone calls to pharmacies from persons claiming to be from the police.  Those persons requested information regarding stocks of medicines, storage, security measures and vulnerability.  Whilst calls may be genuine, some are in fact false.

Pharmacies are reminded to be extra vigilant of any caller asking them for stock levels, particularly of CDs or drugs liable to misuse:

  • Satisfy yourself as to the identity of the caller.  Record the telephone number displayed, if not withheld.
  • Ask the person for their full name, where are they based, do they have a landline as well as a mobile.
  • Get them to define the nature of their call.  What exactly do they want to know? Take control and direct the conversation.
  • Be mindful of the caller asking for quantities of stock held, opening times, number of staff, the location of the CD (Controlled Drug) cabinet or even the layout of the premises or even keyholder details.
  • Are they asking about physical security measures, the alarm, CCTV or deliveries from the wholesaler? This should raise your suspicions, or something is wrong.
  • If you feel pressured and in order to give yourself more time, ask them to ring back at a specific time.  This will give you time to verify if they are genuine.




Last Updated: 25th January 2022