Pharmacy First Service

Details of the new national Pharmacy First Service were announced as part of an agreement setting out how the £645 million investment pledged within the Delivery plan for recovering access to primary care will be used to support community pharmacy services. This service commenced on Wednesday 31st January 2024! See here for more details.


The Pharmacy First Service will enable patients to visit pharmacies, as a first port of call, for greater help with a range of common health conditions. The service includes the following 7 new clinical pathways:

  • Sinusitis
  • Sore throat
  • Earache
  • Infected insect bite
  • Impetigo
  • Shingles
  • Uncomplicated UTI in women


The clinical pathways element of Pharmacy First will enable pharmacists to offer advice to patients and, where clinically appropriate, supply some POMs under Patient Group Directions.

The existing referral routes for the CPCS will apply to the new Pharmacy First service, however, patients will also be able to self-refer to a pharmacy for the clinical pathway’s element (subject to the patient passing a clinically established gateway point in the relevant clinical pathway).

Read more about the Pharmacy First Advanced Service on the CPE webpage here.


Pharmacy First Resources

Pharmacy Owner Checklist: Getting Going with Pharmacy First

Pharmacist Checklist: Getting Going with Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First Service – Contact Info for Pharmacy IT Systems

Pharmacy First Service: Aide Memoire – April 2024

Pharmacy First – GP Referral Support Document

Pharmacy First Locum Checklist – March 2024

Escalation Guide for NHS111 Referrals – we have requested an updated version of this document from the West Yorkshire ICB.

Recording Pharmacy First Consultations – March 2024


NHS Funded Training

Build your pharmacy future with fully funded, flexible training tailored to your skills, experience and individual learning requirements.  Learn new skills, support peer development and expand your clinical knowledge. Courses include:

  • Clinical Examination Skills and Independent Prescribing for Community Pharmacists.
  • Advancing your role for Community Pharmacy Technicians
  • Educational Supervisor Training for Community Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

Find out more and apply now


CPE Briefing & Letters

Briefing 029/23: Recovery Plan agreement – Summary and FAQs for pharmacy owners and LPCs

Briefing 030/23: Funding for Pharmacy First, and other funding-related changes in the Recovery Plan deal

NHSE/CPE Letter – Pharmacy First: 2023/24 to 2024/25

Briefing 040/23: Pharmacy First Briefing for Pharmacy Teams, Dec 2023


CPWY Bulletins

Bulletin 1 – Introduction to the New National Pharmacy First Service22nd November 2023

Bulletin 2 – Expansion of the Pharmacy Contraception Service from Today – 1st December 2023

Bulletin 3 – Pharmacy First: Starting to Prepare 15th December 2023

Bulletin 4 – Pharmacy First: Less Than Two Weeks to Go! – 17th January 2024

Bulletin 5 – Pharmacy First Service Start Date Announced: Don’t Miss Out Claiming the £2000 Payment – 26th January 2024

Bulletin 6 – Pharmacy First: One Week Post Launch! 9th February 2024

Bulletin 7 – Bundling of Pharmacy First with Other Services – 25th June 2024


Locum Bulletins

Pharmacy First Locum Bulletin 1 – Important Information for Locums – 19th December 2023

Pharmacy First Locum Bulletin 2 – Less Than 2 Weeks to Go! 19th January 2024


PharmOutcomes Referral Record Sheets – Downloadable Copies

Below are downloadable versions of the Referral Record Sheets for the 7 conditions which have been produced by PharmOutcomes. These documents can be used if PharmOutcomes is temporarily unavailable. If you use a different system provider other than PharmOutcomes, please contact them with any queries.

Acute Otitis Media

Acute Sore Throat

Acute Sinusitis


Infected Insect Bites


Uncomplicated UTI


West Yorkshire Healthier Together Website

We have been made aware of some resources that will prove useful for you when examining children, especially Pharmacy First ENT referrals. The West Yorkshire Healthier Together website has a section for healthcare professionals and the Paediatric Resources page here has recently been updated with a video by Dr Cristina Costache (who attended our Pharmacy First Event in January 2024) which will be beneficial for pharmacists conducting ENT examinations.

The website also allows you to share the page via free SMS text message with parents or carers so they can access the resource from their phone. For example, the Earache page of the website contains a video for parents to watch so they know what to expect during an ENT examination.

It also has a wide range of resources covering child health. For example, the page on Fever has advice for parents on red, amber and green symptoms with an associated video (available in 6 languages) that includes clips of breathing difficulty to help aid assessment of the child.



Last Updated: 25th June 2024