New Medicine Service (NMS)

The Community Pharmacy England website includes details for the New Medicine Service (NMS) and can be accessed here:


Template Referral Letters

The New Medicines Service (NMS) now forms a key element of the Primary Care Network Designated Enhanced Services (PCN DES) and encourages GPs to refer patients to community pharmacies when they believe a patient will benefit from the service. Please see below links to different Template NMS Referral Letters you can share with colleagues for them to use.  These letters have been updated in July 2023.

NMS Referral Letter – GP: All NMS Groups (PDF)

NMS Referral Letter – GP: All NMS Groups (Word)

NMS Referral Letter – Hospital Outpatient (PDF)

NMS Referral Letter – Hospital Outpatient (Word)


Implementation of the NMS API to Support Data Collection

The transfer of data to the NHSBSA will be facilitated by an API (Application Programming Interface), which will enable the automation of NMS data collection from contractors providing the service.

From 1st December 2023, the only collection route for the voluntary submission of NMS data will be via the API. Pharmacy contractors wishing to submit NMS data will need to ensure they are using an approved clinical IT system to document their consultation records for the service from 1st December 2023.


Claims for Payment

The current process that pharmacy contractors and staff follow to submit for the payment of completed NMS claims requires data to be entered manually each month using the electronic submission form (FP34C) on the NHSBSA Manage Your Service (MYS) portal.

Note – plans are in progress to enable clinical IT systems using APIs to support payment claims for NMS in the future. Notice of this change will be communicated to contractors once a target ‘go-live’ date has been set.


NMS Consent and Progress Form

Click below to download a copy of the Patient Consent and Progress Form , which can be used to record dates of your NMS consultation with a patient.

Patient Consent & Progress Form

Note – as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF), there was an ambition to develop clinical IT systems that would support contractors and staff providing the service. These clinical IT systems will support staff in their consultations with patients and ensure that contractors can effectively record accurate consultation data as per the service specification.



Last Updated: 29th November 2023