Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking incorporates two separate services.

If you are interested in providing these services in your pharmacy please click here for information on what you need to do.

If you are commissioned to provide the Smoking Cessation Services locally, you should consider if you also wish to provide the new National Advanced Service which will commence in January 2022.

Please note that there is currently a Supply Disruption Alert for Champix (Varenicline)  CAS-ViewAlert ( This outlines that there is no planned date for the return of Champix to the market, and provides guidance to healthcare professionals and prescribers on alternative products.


NRT Supply Level 1 Service

NRT supply services, often referred to as level 1, enable pharmacies to supply NRT to a client who has been issued a voucher by a Stop Smoking Advisor.


Stop Smoking Level 2 Service

Stop Smoking Advisor services, level 2, offer a client advice and on-going support in stopping smoking.  Only trained and accredited staff can provide Stop Smoking Advisor services to clients.

Staff should attend an update/refresher Stop Smoking course on an annual basis and should retain evidence of attendance.

The National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training (NCSCT) is a social enterprise committed to supporting the delivery of effective evidence-based tobacco control programmes and smoking cessation interventions provided by local stop smoking services.   The NCSCT delivers training and assessment programmes, which may be useful for pharmacy teams providing level 2 services.


Bradford Stop Smoking Services

Stop Smoking Level 1 and 2 Services

Service Specification Agreement 2021

Bradford Stop Smoking Start of Service Letter – April 2021

Bradford Quit Manager User Guide

Bradford E-Voucher Protocol

Bradford NRT Formulary


Stop Smoking Level 2 Service Only

Core Training & Resources for Stop Smoking Practitioners

NRT 1st Request Letter

NRT Repeat or Change of Prescription Request Letter

Zyban 1st Request Letter

Zyban Repeat Letter

Definitions of Quits and Explanation of Dates


If you should have any queries about the stop smoking service, please email:

Service Commissioner: Bradford Metropolitan Council


Calderdale Stop Smoking Services

NRT and Varenicline Level 1 Service

Calderdale Stop Smoking Level 1 Service Level Agreement – April 2022

Calderdale Varenicline (Champix) PGD – November 2020

Calderdale Buproprion PGD – February 2022


Stop Smoking Level 2 Service

Calderdale Stop Smoking Level 2 Service Level Agreement – March 2022


Claims are processed via Quit Manager.

Service Commissioner: Yorkshire Smokefree Calderdale, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Service Lead: Jan Spence – – 01422 262373


Kirklees Stop Smoking Services

NRT Supply Level 1 Service

Kirklees NRT Contract Letter 2022-25

Kirklees NRT Service Specification 2022-25

Kirklees NRT Protocol 2022-25


Stop Smoking Level 2 service

Kirklees Level 2 Contract Letter 2022-25

Kirklees Level 2 Application Summary Letter

Kirklees Level 2 Contract Particulars 2022-25


Service Commissioner: Kirklees Council

Service Lead: Azariah Jenney –


Any pharmacy who wishes to be added to the list of pharmacies providing Smoking Cessation Services in Kirklees, should complete the application form below.

Kirklees – Smoking Cessation Provider Application Form


Leeds Stop Smoking Services

This service is no longer commissioned from any pharmacies in the Leeds area.  This service ceased on 30th September 2017.

One You Leeds has been commissioned by Leeds City Council to provide Smoking Cessation services to Leeds residents. Health professionals can refer patients to the service on the website here:


Wakefield Stop Smoking Services

NRT Supply Level 1 Service

Wakefield do not commission a NRT voucher service.  Stop smoking advisors must request the products required from the client’s GP via a FP10.


Stop Smoking Level 2 Service

Wakefield Stop Smoking Level 2 – Service Level Agreement: January 2022


Service Commissioner: Yorkshire Smokefree Wakefield, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Service Contact: or phone: 07767 008 956



Last Updated: 14th July 2022