Disposal of Unwanted Medicines

See national guidance and other patient safety resources on the PSNC website here: https://psnc.org.uk/contract-it/essential-service-clinical-governance/patient-safety-incident-reporting/.

With effect from 1st September 2021, Anenta Ltd will manage the contracts for clinical waste collections and returned medicines from community pharmacy sites in West Yorkshire. You will continue to get collections from your current waste contractor (SRCL, Rentokil Initial, or PHS, etc), however all queries related to waste management must now go to Anenta.

Contractors should read the NHSE Letter and complete the online form to register your pharmacy.

Anenta will be your single point of contact for clinical and pharmaceutical waste issues. Anenta operate an online system that will allow you to interact with them to make service requests, advise of deficiencies in the service or to simply seek advice in a fully auditable manner.


Important Contact Details

For urgent collections or additional stock please contact Anenta:

Tel: 03301 222 143
Email: support@anenta.com

Or, open a service ticket within your online account at www.vector.anenta.com


Sip Feeds

Following queries about the return of sip feeds to community pharmacy as waste medicines, NHSE has shared the following information in the document below.

NHSE Guidance: Disposal of Sip Feeds


Disposal of Needles, Syringes and Sharps

Signposting Patients

Patients who request information about the disposal of sharps should be directed to the information from the Local Authority in which they live (see below) or be directed to a pharmacy that accepts waste (after first contacting the pharmacy to confirm they are currently able to accept sharps bins for disposal).


Disposal of Sharps Bins

Information for contractors: This is not a funded service.  Pharmacies agreeing to accept sharps waste from patients will not receive any additional funding.

Pharmacy contractors may opt in to accept sharps bins containing needles, syringes and sharps for disposal from patients.  Sharps should only be accepted if they are taken to the pharmacy in sealed sharps bins.


Sharps Bin Return

This is for people who have been prescribed needles, syringes or sharps. For any needles or syringes found in a public area, you should contact your local council to arrange for disposal.

A list of pharmacies providing this service can be found on the link below:

Pharmacies Disposing of Prescribed Sharps – Updated 2022

The above list was updated in January 2022.  If your pharmacy appears on this list and you no longer accept sharps or if you do accept sharps and your pharmacy details are omitted, please advise info@cpwy.org.  If you do not have a sharps bin, but would like to offer sharps returns to your patients, please contact NHS England (NHSE) Area Team.  Contact details can be found here.



Last Updated: 31st January 2022