Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP)

It has been a requirement since 2020/21 for all pharmacies, including DSPs, to become an HLP – this reflects the priority attached to public health and prevention work. Further details on how to become an HLP, or ensure your current HLP status is up to date, please visit the HLP hub on the CPE website here. Included here are a flow chart, checklist and HLP Evidence Portfolio Workbook for you to ensure you have completed all relevant steps and collated all required evidence. It is recommended you review this at least every 3 years to ensure you remain compliant.


The requirements to become an HLP or maintain HLP status are detailed in the following pages:

Workforce Development


Premises Requirements


Additional Resources and Training

Public Health Needs:

    • Local Joint Strategic Needs Assessment:


Health Profiles:


Health Campaigns

Making Every Contact Count:

CPPE HLP Gateway Page:

Dementia Friends:

NPA Healthy Living Champion Course:



Last Updated: 5th April 2024