Primary Care Network

Each of the PCN areas in West Yorkshire has a community pharmacist working to represent the interests of ALL community pharmacies within the PCN area. Their role is to attend meetings and to share and gather feedback with their pharmacy colleagues.

PCN Community Pharmacy Leads should also see our dedicated PCN Lead Resource Centre page:


Which Primary Care Network is my Pharmacy in and Who is my PCN Community Pharmacy Lead (PCN CP Lead)?

If you do not know which Primary Care Network your pharmacy is in, click the document below to open.  Press Ctrl + F on your computer keyboard to open a search function. Enter your OCS code or part of your address to locate your pharmacy details, including the name of your PCN.


Pharmacy PCN Identifier List – Alphabetical by Pharmacy

Pharmacy PCN Identifier List – Alphabetical by PCN

Last Updated: 5th July 2024


Once you have identified which PCN your pharmacy is in, see the document below for contact details of your PCN Community Pharmacy Lead.  This document also shows when the details for a PCN area were last updated.  This can be a change of Lead or change to the ODS code or pharmacy name/address.


Primary Care Network (PCN) Community Pharmacy Leads

Last Updated: 2nd July 2024


Please Support your PCN CP Lead!

Please see the document below for more information on how pharmacies can support their PCN CP Lead.

Thanks to Amanda Smith, CPWY Vice Chair & PCN Lead for Central Halifax PCN, for sharing these steps.

3 Simple Steps to Support your Primary Care Network (PCN) Lead


What are Primary Care Networks and What is Their Relevance for Community Pharmacy?

Please see document below for information about the role of PCNs, their relevance to the NHS Longer Term Plan and community pharmacy.

Primary Care Network Overview Briefing – December 2021

Primary Care Networks: Community Pharmacy Integration


Further Information about Primary Care Networks


Last Updated: 24th May 2024