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Ramadan – coronavirus resources for pharmacy teams

Community pharmacy contractors may receive a higher number of queries about the use of the coronavirus vaccine or coronavirus tests from patients who are Muslim during the month of Ramadan, which starts this week.* During Ramadan, Muslims are required to abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset, and consuming medicines is also not...

14 hours ago

Ask PSNC: FAQs on the C-19 test distribution service

The Services Team at PSNC has received a number of queries on the NHS community pharmacy COVID-19 lateral flow device distribution service. Below are some of the questions asked this week. Q. If I supply as one transaction, four boxes of test kits to a person requesting kits for four people, do I get paid four transaction...

22 hours ago

COVID-19 Therapeutic Alert: inhaled Budesonide for adults with COVID-19

This afternoon (12th April 2021), a CAS alert has been issued containing guidance for prescribers in primary care and community pharmacies in relation to the therapeutic use of inhaled budesonide in adults (50 years and over) with COVID-19. This follows the recent announcement of the interim results from the National Institute for Health Research supported...

2 days ago

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire e-Learning 

Welcome to the Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire e-Learning platform.


We are working with Virtual Outcomes to deliver a series of online training events throughout the year.  The training is free to access and is open to all members of the pharmacy team.  An introduction for Virtual Outcomes can be found here: https://vimeo.com/316124447.

Each module will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.  The contents typically include an introduction to the topic, how it impacts the health of your patients and what you can do to support them.  There is also a link to where you can get nationally available resources for health promotion campaigns. Each month at least one new topic will be released for the whole team to view.  Some of the modules are aimed at Healthy Living Pharmacy Champions, but will be useful for the whole team.  Additional modules will also be provided on key emerging topics like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can access the e-learning modules from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.  You will need your F-code and an email address to register.  Once you have registered you will get an email notification of any new courses.

You will be able to access a certificate for each module completed.

We hope that you will make use of this e-learning platform and that you find it useful. We will review the system this year and decide whether we continue to invest in this on your behalf. Your feedback will be invaluable in developing courses so please let us have any feedback you have.

If you need help logging on to watch the webinar please see the Virtual Outcomes Login Easy Guide.

Locum pharmacists wishing to access Virtuaul Ouctomes e-learning should use the F-code of the West Yorkshire pharmacy you are current working in, or last worked in.  

To access the courses please click here (https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/).



COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service – April 2021 

Community Pharmacy has a NEW Advanced Service.  This course is designed to take you through all you need to know to deliver the service. The course objectives are: 

  • To explain the reason why Lateral Flow Testing is important.
  • To explain the funding for the service.
  • To understand what pharmacy’s need to have in place in order to deliver the service.
  • To understand what data needs to be reported.

More information can be found in the flyer below or on the Virtual Outcomes website here.

COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service e-Learning Flyer



Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) - February 2021

Do you understand the background to the Discharge Medicines Service? Are you aware that it is now a mandatory Essential Service?  This e-Learning module will help you: 

  • Understand the background of the Discharge Medicines Service.
  • Ensure that the aims of the service are understood.
  • Understand the requirements of the service.
  • Understand the 3 stages of the Discharge Medicines Services.
  • To share some key points that will help you and your team deliver a successful service. 

More information can be found in the flyer below or on the Virtual Outcomes website here.

Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) e-Learning Flyer



NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (NHS 111 and GP) - January 2021

Do you know how to implement and deliver the new pharmacy service NHS GP CPCS?  How are you going to train your locums and surgeries?  What part can your team play?  What other resources are available to support this new service?  

This comprehensive online training will cover all these questions.

More information can be found in the flyer below or on the Virtual Outcomes website here: https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/.  

NHS CPCS (NHS 111 and GP) e-Learning Flyer 





If you are short of time, why not listen to the latest e-Learning training module from Virtual Outcomes on the way into work, at the gym or in the supermarket.  You can watch the full course online and obtain your certificate at a later time. You can then encourage the rest of your pharmacy team to watch the full video.  

The podcasts are available on iPhone via iTunes, or for Android phones, you can download the files here: https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/podcasts/.



Previous Topics

There are also a series of previous events which are still available on the following topics: 




Last Updated: 6th April 2021