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Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire e-Learning 

Welcome to the Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire e-Learning platform.


We are working with Virtual Outcomes to deliver a series of online training events throughout the year.  The training is free to access and is open to all members of the pharmacy team.  An introduction for Virtual Outcomes can be found here: https://vimeo.com/316124447.

Each module will take around 15-20 minutes to complete.  The contents typically include an introduction to the topic, how it impacts the health of your patients and what you can do to support them.  There is also a link to where you can get nationally available resources for health promotion campaigns. Each month at least one new topic will be released for the whole team to view.  

You can access the e-learning modules from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.  You will need your F-code and an email address to register.  Once you have registered you will get an email notification of any new courses.

You will be able to access a certificate for each module completed.

We hope that you will make use of this e-learning platform and that you find it useful. We will review the system this year and decide whether we continue to invest in this on your behalf. Your feedback will be invaluable in developing courses so please let us have any feedback you have.

If you need help logging on to watch the webinar please see the Virtual Outcomes Login Easy Guide.

Locum pharmacists wishing to access Virtuaul Ouctomes e-learning should use the F-code of the West Yorkshire pharmacy you are current working in, or last worked in.  

To access the courses please click here (https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/).



The latest training modules are:



Hypertension Case-Finding Service – e-Learning Module - October 2021 

This course is split into two modules to support the team to fully understand the service along with training for the person who will deliver the service. 


Pharmacy Team Training - Course Objectives 

  • To understand the background as to why the service has been commissioned and the difference community pharmacies can make.
  • To understand what the service entails and what the pharmacy needs to have in place.
  • To suggest ideas on how team members can proactively approach patients and how your pharmacy can work collaboratively with the local GP practices and your PCN.

Service Delivery - Course Objectives

  • To understand what equipment and training is required.
  • To understand what protocols you need to agree locally.
  • To understand how the service works and what actions to take depending on the results.
  • To understand how the pharmacy can work collaboratively with GP and PCN colleagues

More information can be found in the flyer below or on the Virtual Outcomes website here.

Hypertension Case-Finding Service – e-Learning Flyer



How to Reduce Dispensing Errors Training – September 2021 

This e-Learning module will take you on the journey of medicine through the dispensing process identifying where potential errors occur and what actions you and your team can take to reduce them.  This training can be used to support your Safety Report for the PQS 2021/22.

More information can be found in the flyer below or on the Virtual Outcomes website here.

How to Reduce Dispensing Errors - e-Learning Flyer



NHS Flu Engagement Training 2021 – August 2021

This e-Learning module will give you and your team an overview of the service and will support you to increase your vaccination opportunity.  It will also help you: 

  • Understand that the flu season could be 50% higher than normal and that potentially it might start earlier than usual.
  • Understand which vaccines you need to use this year.
  • Understand what the national ambitions are and how you can help achieve them.
  • Understand how you and your team can support 3 particular cohorts. 

More information can be found in the flyer below or on the Virtual Outcomes website here.

NHS Flu Engagement 2021 – e-Learning Flyer




If you are short of time, why not listen to the latest e-Learning training module from Virtual Outcomes on the way into work, at the gym or in the supermarket.  You can watch the full course online and obtain your certificate at a later time. You can then encourage the rest of your pharmacy team to watch the full video.  

The podcasts are available on iPhone via iTunes, or for Android phones, you can download the files here: https://www.virtualoutcomes.co.uk/pharmacy-training/podcasts/.



Previous Topics

There are also a series of previous events which are still available.  Some of the topics include:



Please see the Virtual Outcomes website for the full range of training modules and topics available.



Last Updated: 14th September 2021