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September video update from PSNC's CEO

The latest PSNC CEO video update is now available to watch. Following the announcement on arrangements for the payment of contractors’ COVID-19 costs earlier this week, PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes reflects on how the original offer from the Government has now been proven as inadequate. Simon is pleased to report that the vast majority of claims will...

1 hour ago

October 2021 Category M Prices Announced

The Drug Tariff Category M pricelist for July 2021 has been published on the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) website. The October Category M prices reflect a net reduction in margin levels of approximately £26.8m per quarter. The underlying effect of market price movements in the reference period Apr – Jun 2021 will also be reflected...

22 hours ago

PhAS 2022 webinar now on-demand

PSNC’s webinar on the updated 2022 Pharmacy Access Scheme (PhAS) is now available on-demand. Nearly 90% of attendees said they would recommend the webinar to others, with over half (56%) saying that they found it very useful. One contractor commented that, thanks to this webinar, “I am now much clearer about the differences in the...

23 hours ago

Primary Care Network Representative (PCN Rep) Resource Centre

This page is intended as a resource hub for those undertaking the Primary Care Network Community Pharmacy Rep role.

More general information around PCNs can be found on our PCN page here: http://www.cpwy.org/pharmacy-contracts-services/primary-care-network.shtml

Information for Community Pharmacy Primary Care Network Reps

Introduction to role of PCN CP Rep - July 2020

Primary Care Network Community Pharmacy Representatives Guide 

Primary Care Network Declaration of Interest Form

Primary Care Network Principles

Primary Care Network Expenses Claim Form 

PCN CP Lead - Competition Law



Know your ICS from your PCN Briefing - July 2019

Primary Care Networks: Community Pharmacy Integration

Primary Care Network Overview Briefing - September 2019

Primary Care Network Update - November 2019

Primary Care Network: How to Use Gaggle Groups - January 2020



The King’s Fund has published a new ‘Explainer’ on community pharmacy, which they have developed with some input from PSNC. It is aimed at people who know nothing about community pharmacy, so its use is potentially for PCN CP Reps as part of influencing work you are undertaking with stakeholders who are new to the sector.  See here:  https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/community-pharmacy-explained




Template Email Introduction to PCN Clinical Lead

Template Email Introduction to PCN Pharmacies

Typical PharmOutcomes Feedback



PCN Meeting Resources

Community Pharmacy 2019-20 to 2023-24 Handout

New Contractual Framework Presentation - Sept 2019

Community Pharmacy Services - Flyer for GPs

Relationship Between CPs and PCNs

The Community Pharmacy - A Guide for GPs May 2019

Opportunity for Community Pharmacy and PCN - 2021


Key Messages / Information for Discussion with your GP Practice 

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire has produced a Key Messages document that collates the frequent topics that the LPC and LMCs have discussed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the key messages / information for each topic.  The information is included to assist understanding and support local conversations.  The topics are ones that are known to impact on community pharmacy and where improved communications and messages would reduce the impact and workload for community pharmacy.  You may wish to use this document or the messages within the document to support your local GP practice conversations.  Using this resource will also help in creating consistent messages for patients. 

Key Messages - 13th November 2020


Impact of Use of EPS4 on Community Pharmacies

As the use of EPS4 is having significant impacts on community pharmacy teams, PCN CP Representatives are encouraged to highlight the issues around EPS4 and the challenges it creates across the primary care system, in PCN and community Partnership meetings. This document should help with these communications.

EPS4 - Guidance for PCN Reps



Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) 2020/21 Part 2 


PQS 2020/21 Part 2 Domain 4 - Flu Vaccination

PQS Domain 4 (Flu) Instructions to PCN Reps

PCN CD Collaboration Tool

Briefing for PCN Clinical Directors PQS 2020/21



PQS 2020/21 Part 2 Domain 5 - Business Continuity

PQS Domain 5 (Business Continuity) Instructions to PCN Reps

Contractor Business Continuity Survey

PCN Community Pharmacy Business Continuity Support Plan  




Primary Care Networks DES (Directed Enhanced Services)

Primary Care Network Directed Enhanced Service (DES) service requirements apply from 1st October 2020

Network Contract DES Specification



Structured Medication Reviews (SMR) 

Structured Medication Reviews (SMRs) and Medicines Optimisation

PSNC - SMR guidance includes referrals to New Medicine Service

SMR Presentation - PDF

Help with Structured Medication Reviews - Information from the Primary Care Bulletin 20/10/2020



Early Cancer Diagnosis

Early Cancer Diagnosis

Early Cancer Diagnosis Presentation - PDF



Enhanced Health in Care Homes 

Enhanced Health in Care Homes

Enhanced Health in Care Homes Presentation - PDF



PCN Community Pharmacy Representative Conference Sept/Oct 2020

PCN DES Summary Slides

PCN Rep Tool - Building Engagement Strategy

PCN Stakeholder Mapping & Communication Tracker Spreadsheet



Professional Services

PCN Rep Toolkit - Pharmacy Services

Seven PCN Service Specifications

Successful Service Design - Hints and Tips


Think Pharmacy

AF Case Finding Service June 2019

Alcohol IBA Service June 2019

Asthma Management Service June 2019

Blood Borne Virus Screening Service June 2019

Cancer Detection Service June 2019

Children's Seasonal Flu Vaccination Service June 2019

Chlamydia Screening and Treatment Service June 2019

Domiciliary MUR Service June 2019

Emergency Hormonal Contraception Service June 2019

Falls Prevention Service June 2019

Healthy Start Vitamins Service June 2019

Hypertension Case Finding Service June 2019

Inhaler Technique Service June 2019

Minor Ailment Service June 2019

Needle and Syringe Programme June 2019

NHS Health Checks June 2019

Pharmacy Reablement Service June 2019

Stop Smoking Service June 2019

Supervised Consumption of Medicines Service June 2019

Weight Management Service June 2019





Last Updated: 12th February 2021