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Over 100 products added to the Discount Not Deducted (DND) list

Ensure liquid, Fortisip Compact Protein liquid and Aptamil Pepti 1 powder are amongst a large number of products that will enter the list of ‘Drugs for which Discount is Not Deducted’ (DND) in Part II of the Drug Tariff from 1st October 2020. Following applications made by PSNC to the Department of Health and Social...

13 hours ago

Sorting of prescriptions using red separators – reminder

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) issues contractors with three sets of red separators each month to sort certain paper prescription forms into their relevant exempt, paid or old charge rate groups. Only prescription items meeting the red separator criteria set out below should be included in the red separator. Prescription forms containing the following...

14 hours ago

Class 3 medicines recall: AlfaD Capsules (Theramex)

Class 3 Medicines recall: AlfaD Capsules (Theramex) Drug alert number: EL (20) A/46 Date issued: 29th September 2020 The Medicines and Health products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has issued a class 3 medicines recall for: AlfaD Capsules (Theramex) Theramex Ireland Ltd T/A Theramex HQ UK Ltd has informed us of an issue related to error in...

14 hours ago


Signposting is an essential service (i.e. a service that all pharmacies must provide) which forms part of the Terms of Service under the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework.  Signposting is the provision of information to people visiting the pharmacy, who require further support, advice or treatment which cannot be provided by the pharmacy, on other health and social care providers or support organisations who may be able to assist the person. Where appropriate, this may take the form of a referral.

Signposting Information During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Details of support for people (eg with shopping, access to information) during coronavirus are available as follows:
Bradford - https://www.bradford.gov.uk/coronavirus 
Bradford Leaflet 1 - COVID-19
Bradford Leaflet 2 - COVID-19
Bradford MIND website includes information on wellbeing during COVID-19 and local mental health services: https://www.mindinbradford.org.uk/self-help/coronavirus/.  
Healthy Minds has created some simple resources which signpost to key mental health and wellbeing support during covid-19 for children and adults in Bradford and Craven:  https://www.healthyminds.services/coronavirus.  
Healthy Minds has also created A5 printed leaflets signposting people to key mental health services in Bradford and Craven which are offering help during the coronavirus outbreak. The leaflet, which is appropriate for all ages, has QR codes so people can get the information in audio and BSL format. The message hopes to reassure people who are struggling with thoughts and feelings at this time, with clear information on how to find help to get well and stay well. The printed leaflets aim to especially help people who are digitally excluded and who are missing the information online.  If you would like printed leaflets delivered to your pharmacy, please contact Lucy Clews at lucy@mindinbradford.org.uk who can arrange for leaflets to be sent to you. Please provide: The name of your pharmacy, address, opening hours for delivery and the quantity you would like (please note, we would like to give you enough leaflets to last a few months). An electronic version of the leaflet can also be found below.
Healthy Minds Flyer


Calderdale - https://www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/coronavirus 
FAQs for vulnerable people can be accessed here: https://www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/coronavirus/support-extremely-vulnerable.  The telephone number for patients to use to contact the Council for advice / support – 01422 392890.
Kirklees - https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/health-and-well-being/coronavirus.aspx   
Wakefield - https://www.wakefield.gov.uk/about-the-council/coronavirus-information?   
Leeds - https://www.leeds.gov.uk/coronavirus  

Suicide Prevention & Awareness

General signposting information relevant to each Local Authority area is included below to assist pharmacies find information to assist with signposting patients.

See also our Making Every Contact Count (MECC) page here: http://www.cpwy.org/hlp/making-every-contact-count-mecc-.shtml



Carer Resources and Support

Carers digital resource brings together Carers UK products and online resources to help support carers at the click of a mouse.
NB: Although the information refers to Kirklees, Carers UK are happy for any carer to use to get free access (Location not an issue). See further information and a poster below.
Carers UK A4 Information Sheet
Carers UK A5 Leaflet



Migrant Information Hub

Migration Yorkshire have just launched the new Migrant Information Hub - www.migrantinfohub.co.uk.  

The Migrant Information Hub aims to offer useful information and resources to help migrants, and those supporting them, to stay safe, connected and informed, and to reduce the harmful impacts of coronavirus (Covid-19) on our region and on people’s lives.  It includes new multi-lingual resources, national guidance, local services and support, plus news and updates on specific migrant issues.



Bradford and Airedale  


Bradford Community Connectors 

Health Action Local Engagement (HALE) is working in partnership with Bradford and District CCG's to deliver this service across Bradford via HALE’s Community Connector Programme. The service will visit anyone who is isolated, feeling low or lacking in confidence and, they will find out what people are interested in, what services and activities are available locally and help people access them.  They even go along with people until they are confident enough to go on their own.  See the summary document below.

Social Prescribing across West Yorkshire and Harrogate


Connect to Support

Connect to Support has been developed by Bradford Council and stakeholders. This website provides information for adults with care and support needs with a focus on empowering people to live happy, healthy lives, where they are in control.  The website can be used to find signposting information to share with patients and can be accessed here: https://bradford.connecttosupport.org/s4s/WhereILive/Council?pageId=392&lockLA=True  

For advice for under 18s, visit the Family information and services hub here: https://localoffer.bradford.gov.uk/


DIVA Bradford - information on voluntary sector groups

DIVA Bradford brings together information on voluntary and community sector groups from across Bradford and Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven in a single searchable directory.  DIVA allows pharmacy teams to search for groups by postcode or keyword (eg carer, dementia, stroke) to find relevant information.  This useful tool enables pharmacy teams to signpost patients to groups and services in Bradford and AWC that can provide them with additional support. More information can be found here: https://www.divabradford.org.uk/.  






Every Baby Matters in Calderdale

Together with a multi- agency task group, NHS Calderdale has produced an excellent guide, full of useful information and advice for promoting the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies. It covers issues such as:

  • health in pregnancy
  • healthy lifestyle
  • breast feeding
  • genetic awareness
  • healthy homes
  • safe sleeping
  • caring for sick children

It also has lots of useful contact numbers and is available in a range of languages (English, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Urdu).

We believe that this guide will be useful for all practitioners working with families.  The information is also highly relevant to those working with young people who may be parents in the future.

Further copies of the leaflet are available from:  01422 397340 or email: healthresources@swyt.nhs.uk

Every Baby Matters - English

Every Baby Matters - Czech

Every Baby Matters - Polish

Every Baby Matters - Slovak

Every Baby Matters - Urdu-EBM 



Calderdale Healthy Early Years Website - A parents guide from birth to 5

The Healthy Early Years website is a useful resource both for pharmacy teams to promote to families and for pharmacy teams to use to provide up-to-date messages about health to the families of children aged 0-5 years.


Calderdale - Physical Activity

Calderdale have created an online activity finder website, to showcase all of the great ways to be active in the borough from clubs and sessions of all sizes, and of all different levels of physical activity.   This website make it as easy as possible for everyone in Calderdale to find out about the opportunities to be active on their doorstep.


Primary Eye-Care Acute Referral Scheme (PEARS) 

This service is for patients in need of primary eye care help and advice or referrals.
Eye Problems Flyer - Calderdale

Calderdale: Staying Well - Social Prescribing

The Staying Well team works with people to access the hundreds of social and physical activities available in the community as a way to address loneliness and isolation.  People with active social lives tend to be happier and healthier and may even see health improvements.
Any adult in Calderdale can benefit from the service which is client-led.  The Staying Well worker will spend time with a client to identify the support they need and help them to navigate a range of services.  Support can range between providing information about local activities and organisations to accompanying a client to an activity to help them to settle in. The Staying Well service also works with community groups to develop social activities and interventions that meet the needs of the clients including volunteering opportunities.
Pharmacy teams can refer directly to the service or encourage the client to self-refer to the Staying Well service. More information about the service can be found here: stayingwellhub.com including how to make a referral.
Calderdale Staying Well Poster
Calderdale Staying Well Leaflet
Calderdale Staying Well Referral Form
Social Prescribing across West Yorkshire and Harrogate



The Calderdale Directory

Calderdale have launched an online Directory of Services for local voluntary sector organisations to promote the work they do in Calderdale.  http://cvac.org.uk/directory/
The directory includes up to date information about voluntary sector organisations in Calderdale and the services they offer.  The directory allows pharmacy teams to search for groups by postcode or keyword (eg carer, dementia, asthma).  The directory is a useful tool which will allow pharmacy teams to signpost patients to groups and services in Calderdale that can provide them with additional support.

Greater Huddersfield


Primary Eye-Care Acute Referral Scheme (PEARS) 

This service is for patients in need of primary eye care help and advice or referrals.
Eye Problems Flyer - Huddersfield



Better in Kirklees - Social Prescribing

Better in Kirklees supports people living with a long-term health condition to become more active and involved in their community. Through Social Prescribing, they connect people to groups and activities close to where they live based on their interests. 

A Better in Kirklees leaflet and fact sheet can be found below:

Better in Kirklees - Leaflet

Better in Kirklees - Fact Sheet

Better in Kirklees - Poster

Better in Kirklees - Referral Form

Social Prescribing across West Yorkshire and Harrogate

For more information, please visit: https://www.touchstonesupport.org.uk/services/better-in-kirklees-bik/.


Kirklees Wellness Service

This service is available to adults aged 18+ who live in Kirklees. It is for people who have identified a need for further help to improve their health and wellbeing and want to make a change. They should be ready to commit to accessing this support, and willing to work towards a personal goal.

The types of things that people need help with could include:

  • Improving mood and building confidence
  • Improving mental health and emotional wellbeing
  • Managing long term conditions
  • Wellbeing support if they are caring for someone
  • Increasing contact with people and activities
  • Increasing physical activity levels
Referrals can be made by the patient themselves of by a health professional (including pharmacist).
For further details, including how to refer, access the Kirklees Council website here:  https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/health-and-well-being/wellness.aspx  



Primary Eye-Care Acute Referral Scheme (PEARS) 

This service is for patients in need of primary eye care help and advice or referrals.
Eye Problems Flyer - North Kirklees


The Leeds Directory

Leeds Directory is a council funded source of information on a wide range of services and organisations which can accessed online. http://leedsdirectory.org/
There are over 1800 organisations and services to assist and support people to live independently. The directory includes information on wellbeing services (stop smoking, weight) and support groups for patients (carers, cancer) information and could be used by pharmacy teams to support signposting of patients.

Live Well Leeds

Live Well Leeds delivers a range of services that include one to one support, group support, peer support, befriending and volunteering opportunities. All services are based around a recovery, maintaining wellbeing and social inclusion.  Live Well Leeds works with adults aged 18+ (17+ if they are transitioning from children’s mental health services), who have mild to moderate mental health support needs, throughout the Leeds Metropolitan District or registered with a Leeds GP.  The service will accept self and professional referrals by phone, online, post and in person.  
The website can be accessed here: https://livewellleeds.org.uk/.


Maggie’s is in the grounds of St James’s hospital and provides emotional, psychological and practical support for people with cancer and their family/friends.  Anyone affected by cancer in West Yorkshire at any point in treatment or recovery, and their friends/family/colleagues can access the centre. 

The Maggie's Centre Head and Cancer Support Specialist are both oncology nurses and anyone can just go to the centre without the need for an appointment. A Benefits Advisor and Clinical Psychologist along with expert sessional staff are available to provide individual and group support. All support is free of charge. 

0113 4578364




Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing is a short term-intervention service that works with people to identify their needs and to help them to access existing community-based support services. This can be through providing information, signposting to relevant services, creating action plans and goals setting.  Community pharmacy can refer people to the Social Prescribing service for support if the person presenting with needs outside of the remit of the community pharmacy role or is asking for support you cannot provide or you don't know where else to signposting them for further support.
Please see the document below for the referral checklist and information of which social prescribing service (as this differs depending on which GP practice the patient is registered with).
Social Prescribing Services Information and Checklist
Social Prescribing across West Yorkshire and Harrogate
PEP (Leeds West)
T: 0113 2795870
Connect for Health (Leeds South & East)
T: 0113 387 6380
Connect Well (Leeds North)
T: 0113 336 7612



Live Well Wakefield - Social Prescribing

The Live Well Wakefield team provides a range of support and advice to professionals and local people to help maintain their wellbeing.  The team understands that there are many things that can affect our ability to feel healthy and remain independent and are able to offer individual support to help people address any needs.  The team consists of Live Well advisors who promote health and wellbeing in adults 18+ in the Wakefield District, by offering a referral based service. Advisors are able to meet with people within their home or community setting and discuss with them options available to support with maintaining their health and wellbeing.  See the summary document below.

Social Prescribing across West Yorkshire and Harrogate



Minor Eye Conditions Service (MEC) Wakefield

This service is for patients in need of primary eye care help and advice or referral.
Eye Problems Flyer - Wakefield

Wakefield Directory of Services

Wakefield Council have collated a directory of services for community pharmacy teams which can be found below.  This list is a useful signposting resource and includes information on the following:
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Healthy Diet & Healthy Weight
  • Physical Activity
  • Sexual Health
  • Social Isolation & Loneliness
  • Falls & Frailty
  • Affordable Warmth
  • Problem Gambling

Wakefield Directory of Services List - June 2019


Last Updated: 26th August 2020