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Engaging with your MP


Engaging with your MP about the issues that you and your pharmacy face can be an effective way of highlighting issues to your MP, getting these issues raised within government and increasing the support for community pharmacy.  This support is essential as when parliament debates an issue that relates to community pharmacy, such as our funding, it is essential that we get as much support as possible.


There is now a tool on the APPG website that allows an individual to easily identify their MP and then send a message (a template is provided) to their MP to seek support for community pharmacy and the All Party Pharmacy Group (APPG). Use the APPG tool to contact your local MP.


Users need to enter a postcode and contact details to identify their local MP and then a template email can be sent asking the MP to support the APPG.  The template includes all of the relevant information but can be further personalised if desired.


CPWY and PSNC will continue to carry out a range of activities to brief MPs and peers on current issues within community pharmacy, but we know that direct contact by pharmacy contractors and their teams can result in better engagement and response from the MP.


Released: 3rd June 2021