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Ask PSNC: Pharmacy Quality Scheme FAQs

The team at PSNC has received a number of queries on the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS). Below are some of the questions asked in recent weeks. Q. I completed the CPPE risk management training and assessment over two years ago. Do I need to complete the training and assessment again? A. If you have completed...

21 hours ago

Make use of community pharmacists' skills, says NICE

Community pharmacy teams have the potential to play a greater role in health promotion and prevention says NICE, in a new draft quality standard. The draft quality standard calls for community pharmacy services to be included in existing care and referral pathways. This will allow community pharmacy teams to accept as well as make referrals to...

2 days ago

Supply Notification: Clonidine 25mcg tablets – Update

Update (17/01/2020): resupply date now expected mid/end February 2020 First published 20th December 2019 Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has issued a medicine supply notification for Clonidine 25mcg tablets. Limited supplies of Clonidine 25mcg tablets will be available until at least mid-January 2020 due to manufacturing issues. The DHSC Medicine Supply Team provide...

4 days ago

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire News Digests

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Services Checklist 2019 

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire have created a Services Checklist to help contractors with the different services offered, where to claim and when to claim by.  The Services Checklist has been updated in December 2019 and can be found below: 

Services Checklist - Updated December 2019



News Digest - 16th January 2020  



Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS)  



Last Chance to Start NSAID Audit is 1st February 2020! 

As part of the Medicines Safety Audits Domain of the PQS, the NSAID Audit must be carried out for a minimum of two weeks or 10 patients.  However, if you are unable to get 10 suitable patients in the two-week period you will need to increase the catchment period to four weeks (which would only give you one day to complete your PQS declaration if the audit is not started until the 1st Feb 2020).  

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire urges contractors to start this audit at the earliest possible opportunity, if you haven’t done so already.  PSNC has comprehensive information on how to meet this criterion here.



One month until the Declaration Period Opens! 

There is now less than a month to go before the window opens for community pharmacy contractors to make a declaration for a PQS payment.  Contractors must use the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) Manage Your Service portal to make their PQS declaration between 9am on Monday 3rd February 2020 and 11.59pm on Friday 28th February 2020.  View the full PSNC article here.



Information for Pharmacies across West Yorkshire



Disposal Sharps - Message from NHSE&I 

Following the review of a serious incident within Yorkshire and Humber, it has been identified that patients being prescribed injectables are not always fully aware and informed about how to dispose of the injectables. 

NHS England and Improvement (NHSE&I) would like to remind pharmacy teams that when dispensing injections and/or injection equipment to check with patients that they DO know how to dispose of injection equipment, needles, syringes etc. and that they DO also have the appropriate bin(s) to enable them to do so. 

CCGs have already been approached and have agreed to remind prescribers of their responsibility to ensure patients understanding and also provide them with the appropriate bins.  Further information of disposal of sharps can be found on our website here.



NHS Terms of Service and Responsible Pharmacist Absence – Clarification 

As part of pharmacy’s NHS Terms of Service, a pharmacist must always be present on the premises at all times that NHS pharmaceutical services are being provided. This is the case during both the core and supplementary hours.

Although the Responsible Pharmacist regulations allow for the responsible pharmacist to be absent from the pharmacy premises for up to two hours, in order to meet the NHS Terms of Service there must be a pharmacist on the premises to provide pharmaceutical services during all opening hours.  Further information from PSNC here and Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire here.



Register for PSNC’s Data Security and Protection Toolkit (2019/20) Workshop 

PSNC will be holding a webinar to help support community pharmacy contractors in completing the Data Security and Protection Toolkit for 2019/20 on Thursday 6th February at 7.00pm. 

During the 60-minute webinar representatives from PSNC and NHS Digital will discuss the questions in the Toolkit, talk you through the guidance materials available and answer viewers’ questions on how to make the declaration.  With contractors required to finalise their pharmacy’s Data Security and Protection Toolkit submission by 31st March 2020, this webinar provides the perfect opportunity to make good headway in its completion. View the full PSNC article here.



Key News and Guidance: The Latest Updates from PSNC 

PSNC have put together a summary of the key news and guidance which has been shared last week with contractors.  This can be found below.


Key News and Guidance: The Latest Updates from PSNC - 10th January 2020 


PSNC has set up an email address so that people can contact them directly with queries on the five-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF).  The email address is: cpcf@psnc.org.uk.  Similarly, any contractor who wishes to raise an issue with PSNC Chief Executive Simon Dukes can do so by emailing chiefexec@psnc.org.uk.



Services Information 

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire has a Services Checklist to help contractors with the different services offered, where to claim and when to claim by.  The Services Checklist can be found on our website here.  This was recently updated in December 2019.



CPCS: Urgent Supplies of Controlled Drugs 

The CPCS launched on the 29th October 2019, getting off to a positive start, with over 10,000 pharmacies signed up to provide the service. The urgent medicines supply strand of the service has been particularly well used, but PSNC has received several questions from contractors regarding the urgent supply of Controlled Drugs. 

The urgent medicines supply strand of the CPCS follows the same rules and legislation as any other emergency supply.  View the full PSNC article here.



Flu Vaccination Service Updates 

Influenza activity remains high - please continue to vaccinate as many eligible people as possible - usually at this stage of the flu season, many of you may be beginning to wind down your vaccination efforts.

However, NHSE&I have recently sent out a communication which asks that you continue to vaccinate as many people as possible (vaccine uptake for several cohorts, particularly the under 65 at-risk groups and two and three-year olds is behind compared to last season). Please see below for the full NHSE&I communication. 

NHSE&I Flu Vaccination Update



Public Health Information 

Further information around Public Health can be found on our website via the links below: 



Help Us Help You – Pharmacy Advice Campaign! 

The Help Us, Help You - Pharmacy Advice Campaign encourages the public to ‘take the drama out of minor illnesses’ and use their local pharmacy as the first place to go to for clinical advice on minor health concerns such as coughs, colds, tummy troubles and aches and pains. 

The campaign will launch on 20th January 2020 for nine weeks.  All community pharmacies will receive a pack containing resources to support the campaign. These resources will arrive in a jiffy bag via a Healthcare Distribution Association member delivery to your pharmacy next week

If you wish to support the campaign and you have not received your pack by 3rd February 2020, visit the PHE Campaign Resource Centre for the most up to date information. 

Whilst this is not a mandatory campaign as part of the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework, it is one which highlights to the public what the pharmacy team can do for them and encourages them to use pharmacy services.



Training and Development



CPWY Development Academy



New! Anticoagulant Therapy Events 

This programme aims to tackle the challenges above and has been developed by experienced UKCPA clinical pharmacy practitioners and you will find outstanding expert speakers ready to share their knowledge and best practice with you. 

The events are being supported through sponsorship from Daiichi Sankyo and will be held on:


  • Tuesday 28th January 2020 - Village Hotel (Leeds South), Tingley, LS27 0TS
  • Tuesday 3rd March 2020 - Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford, BD5 8HW

Events begin at 7.15pm. Registration and food will be available from 6.30pm.  Please complete a registration form below and return as soon as possible to secure your place.  More information can be found on our website here

Anticoagulant Therapy Event - Registration Form (PDF)

Anticoagulant Therapy Event - Registration Form (Word)



CPWY e-Learning 

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire is working with Virtual Outcomes to deliver a series of online training events throughout the year. 

An introduction video for Virtual Outcomes can be found here. More information about the different Virtual Outcomes modules that are available can be found on our website here



NEW! Public Health Campaign: Dry January e-Learning Module 

NHS England have launched their next contractual pharmacy campaign Dry January! If you’re not sure where to start, or how to create an effective campaign, then this training is for you.  More information can be found in the flyer below!


PHE Campaign: Dry January 2020 e-Learning Flyer


More information on how to access the training can be found here.



External Events 

More information about external events can be found on our website here.  Some of the upcoming external events can be found below: 

  • Mary Seacole Leadership Programme - 2 New West Yorkshire Cohorts
  • Establishing Clinical Pharmacy in a Primary Care Network (PCN)



CPPE Events 

A list of upcoming CPPE Events is available on our website.  More information can be found here: http://www.cpwy.org/training-development/events.shtml#cppe.



Other Information



CPWY Connect 

CPWY Connect has been set up on the social media site Telegram with the aim of connecting pharmacy teams across West Yorkshire and we’d love you to join by clicking here.




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