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CPCS webinar now on-demand

Community pharmacy contractors can now access an online recording of our webinar about the new NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS). Almost 500 people tuned in to yesterday’s webinar, co-hosted by Alastair Buxton, PSNC’s Director of NHS Services, and colleagues from NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I). During the webinar, the presenters explained how the...

24 hours ago

Public Health England distribute tool to aid conversations about ‘productive healthy ageing'

In a follow up from its guidance A Menu of Interventions for Productive Healthy Ageing, published in March 2019, Public Health England (PHE) has distributed* sets of cards which provide information to pharmacy teams on how to support older people to improve the quality of their lives. These cards are designed to guide conversations with...

1 day ago

CPCF Roadshow continues with London event

Following the announcement of a five-year deal on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF), PSNC is holding a series of Sunday roadshow events for community pharmacists across England. The Roadshow continues this Sunday (22nd September) with an event being held in London, so there is not long left to secure a place. What the Roadshow...

1 day ago

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire News Digests

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Deadline Tracker September 2019

Please see our September 2019 Deadline Tracker below.  We would welcome feedback so we can make improvements in future editions. Please send any comments or suggestions to info@cpwy.org.   

Deadline Tracker - September 2019


Services Checklist 2019 

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire have created a Services Checklist to help contractors with the different services offered, where to claim and when to claim by.  The Services Checklist has been updated in August 2019 and can be found below: 

Services Checklist - Updated August 2019



News Digest - 12th September 2019   



Information for Pharmacies across West Yorkshire



Last Chance to Book Your Place!! 

Last chance to book your place on our upcoming events! More information and how to register can be found on the links below! 



Connect with Pharmacy Going Live at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust - From Monday 16th September 2019 

We are pleased to announce that Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust are the latest trust to be going live with Connect with Pharmacy.  Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provide mental health and learning disability services across Leeds and are planning to go-live with Connect with Pharmacy from next Monday 16th September 2019.  From this date, important patient information may be sent to you electronically via PharmOutcomes (replacing fax notifications). This may include any of the following: 

  • Discharge letters for MDS patients
  • Medication changes
  • Patient prescribed clozapine
  • Patient prescribed antipsychotic depot
  • Patient prescribed lithium
  • Patient treated for substance misuse
  • Other relevant information may be reported 

Pharmacies may find this information valuable when managing patients and we recommend that PMRs are updated accordingly to help with making informed clinical decisions.  Please refer to our website here for further information. 

Leeds & York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is now the fifth trust in West Yorkshire to implement Connect with Pharmacy.



NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) - Service Specification Published & Registration Now Open (Action Required) 

The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) is a new national Advanced Service which was announced as part of the 5-year Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) deal and will connect patients who have a minor illness or need an urgent supply of a medicine (the service will replace NUMSAS from 29th October 2019) with a community pharmacy.  See here for more details on CPCS. 

We encourage all our contractors to consider registering for this new advanced service.

Please read the service specification first to ensure that you will be able to meet all the service requirements from 29th October 2019. Contractors who sign up to CPCS by 1st December 2019 will receive a £900 transition payment.  Further information on the PSNC site here

PSNC are holding a webinar about the new CPCS on Monday 16th September at 7pm. See here to register.  Note – If you are a NUMSAS pharmacy you will NOT automatically transfer over to the new CPCS service. You must register for this service via the Manage Your Service portal. See here for further information about registering.  Why not take full advantage of the £900 transition payment and register for this new service ASAP! 

Recommended Actions for Contractors:

  • Read the service specification to ensure you could meet all the requirements. Click here
  • Register for the PSNC webinar to find out more about the new service. Click here
  • If you want to provide the service, register via the Manage Your Service portal. Click here



CardioPhitness Study – Research Participants Wanted 

A joint project between Aston University and LPT NHS Trust are exploring the role of pharmacy in supporting physical health in those with severe mental illness (e.g. schizophrenia).  The research team are wanting to recruit community pharmacists and technicians to this study. They want to find out what views, experiences and perspectives are for care provided for physical health problems (such as heart disease or diabetes and related) in those who have been given a diagnosis of a severe mental illness (schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder and non-organic psychosis). 

  • One off semi-structured interview that will take around 40 minutes
  • Arranged at a date, time and location which is convenient to yourself
  • Recruiting care professionals including community pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Participants will be offered a £10 gift voucher if they take part in their own time 

If you are interested in finding out more or taking part then please email Dolly at sudd@aston.ac.uk.



Services Information 

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire have a Services Checklist to help contractors with the different services offered, where to claim and when to claim by.  The Services Checklist can be found on our website here.



Public Health Information 

Further information around Public Health can be found on our website via the links below:



Training and Development



CPWY Development Academy 

Our upcoming events are listed below.  Click on the links for more information or to book your place! 



CPWY e-Learning 

As you are aware Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire is working with Virtual Outcomes to deliver a series of online training events throughout the year.  An introduction video for Virtual Outcomes can be found here: https://vimeo.com/316124447

New! Courses Launched to Support the New 5 Year Pharmacy Contract!

Over the coming months, Virtual Outcomes will release a library of courses that will help you to understand, implement and maximise the opportunity with the new pharmacy contract.  The first three courses available are: 

  • New Contract Summary Course
  • NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service
  • Sepsis Team Training 

More information about the new Virtual Outcomes modules can be found on our website here: http://www.cpwy.org/training-development/e-learning.shtml#FYPC.



External Events 

More information about external events can be found on our website here


Bradford Conversations for Change Workshop 

Community pharmacies in Bradford and Craven are invited to participate in Conversations for Change - an active learning workshop that enables you to learn about and practice the communication technique, motivational interviewing.   More information can be found here.



CPPE Events 

A list of upcoming CPPE Events is available on our website.  More information can be found here: http://www.cpwy.org/training-development/events.shtml#cppe.



Other Information



PSNC Communications 

Sign up to the PSNC Mailing List to ensure you receive the weekly newsletters, alerts and updates here: http://psnc.org.uk/latest-news/email-sign-up/.



CPWY Connect 

CPWY Connect has been set up on the social media site Telegram with the aim of connecting pharmacy teams across West Yorkshire and we’d love you to join.   Just follow the link below to join and you will be directed to download the app.  https://t.me/joinchat/EhzBmw4XmrS1d8OD_0WLFQ 

CPWY Connect provides a quick and easy way for you to communicate with committee members and colleagues across our region and develop a peer support network.  Working in community pharmacy can sometimes feel a little isolating and we think it is important for us all to forge stronger links to make the pharmacy network in West Yorkshire a strong and supportive one.




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