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Electronic Prescription Service 


The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) enables prescriptions to be sent electronically from the GP practice to the pharmacy and then on to the Pricing Authority for payment.

It has been deployed through two key releases. Release 1 (R1) in which the barcoded paper prescription form remains the legal prescription.

Release 2 which supports the transmission of electronic prescriptions; e-repeat dispensing (eRD); patient nomination of their selected pharmacy; GP cancellation of e-prescriptions; and the electronic submission of reimbursement claims to the Pricing Authority. Currently, prescriber’s can only issue an electronic NHS prescription where it is being sent electronically to a patient’s nominated pharmacy.


More information can be found on the links below:



EPS Dispensing Tokens

EPS dispensing tokens can be ordered via the Primary Care Support England (PCSE) portal.  Click here for further details of how to register for the portal.



EPS Glossary

We understand that some pharmacy teams may be overwhelmed by the new terminology when dealing with EPS Release 2. The EPS Glossary for some of the most common phrases and a brief explanation of each one. This document does not replace training on how to use EPS Release 2 and it is important that you and your team are up to speed.



EPS4 Inappropriate Use 

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire has heard from several contractors regarding the impact when EPS4 is used by prescribers rather than using nomination (including one-off nomination), especially when the patient is not given details of the prescription barcode. 

If you are experiencing issues with the use of EPS4 you should consider: 

  • Speaking to the practice manager about the impact of EPS4 use.
  • Share the key messages for GP practices regarding EPS4 in the CPWY key messages document.
  • Let CPWY know that you are having issues by emailing info@cpwy.org.
  • If the issue is with an out-of-hour provider, contact CPWY who can help identify where best to raise the issue (keep details of the date, time and prescriber).
  • Consider comparing the use of EPS4 with other practices in the area using the EPS dashboard.
  • Read PSNC information on EPS4 rollout. 

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire has raised EPS4 use with the CCGs and we have seen in CCG updates to GP practices reinforcing that whilst Phase 4 does not require patients to nominate a pharmacy, using EPS with a nomination is still the preferred and most efficient option.  We will continue to raise this matter with CCGs on your behalf.



NHS Digital and EPS - Update

The document below includes information and key messages for prescribers that Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire has collated and sent out to CCGs and LMCs. You may wish to share this with your local GP practices. 

CPWY Update: NHS Digital and EPS – May 2020



Smart Cards

Click here for information.



Last Updated: 24th February 2021