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If you are not currently using NHSmail or are unsure of how to access it, PSNC have guidance here.


NHSmail imperative to your business moving forward as commissioners and NHS England will be using NHSmail as their preferred method of communication in future. 



Opening NHSmail Attachments

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire has had reports that some pharmacies are not able to open attachments sent via NHSmail. If you are unable to open attachments when using NHSmail and seeing the message ‘You don't have permission to download files’, you need to log out of your account and log in again. When you log in you will see a tick box below your log in details which says, ‘This is a private computer’. If you tick this box and then log in, you should then be able to open the attachments.


NHS Digital has provided the following background (November 2020)
Pharmacy are classed as Joint Data controllers and the tick only relates to when it’s a public shared computer (so no downloads) and not one that is under the governance and control of an organisation or in this case community pharmacists.  If all staff have access to the shared mailbox and that’s the front door for all emails, then they should be covered to see all information sent to the site.