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Class 1 CAS alert: Evidence of harm from fentanyl-contaminated heroin

A class 1 alert, to be actioned immediately, has been published on the Central Alerting System (CAS) website, advising of the availability of, and harms from, heroin that has been mixed with fentanyl or carfentanyl, both unusually potent synthetic opioids. There is significant evidence from a small number of post-mortem results of recent drug user...

2 days ago

Quality Payments: Contractors who are experiencing technical difficulties accessing and/or editing their NHS Choices profile

Community pharmacy contractors are required to have an up to date NHS Choices entry for their pharmacy today, Friday 28th April 2017, to meet the NHS Choices gateway criterion for the Quality Payments Scheme. If you are experiencing any difficulty with accessing and/or editing your NHS Choices profile, please see the message below from the NHS...

2 days ago

Quality Payments: April review point

Today, Friday 28th April 2017, is the first review point for the Quality Payments Scheme. Below is a summary of the requirements that need to be met on the day of the review (therefore you need to be meeting these requirements today, 28th April 2017) to be able to declare that you meet the criteria. Gateway...

2 days ago

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May 2017 Bank Holidays Pharmacy Opening Times

These are the May 2017 Bank Holidays pharmacy opening times which we have received from NHS England.


Bank Holiday Leaflet For Patients on Methadone and Subutex

A leaflet has been produced which you may wish to use to help inform patients who pick up regular instalments for methadone and Subutex of your opening hours over the May 2017 bank holiday periods.


Donations in Memory of Nigel Hughes

Information if you wish to make a donation in memory of Nigel Hughes.


Welcome to Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire is the Local Pharmaceutical Committee for West Yorkshire and is the local voice for all community pharmacies (chemists) in the area. We represent over 570 pharmacies including single handed independent pharmacies and those owned by bigger chains. Pharmacies in our area employ in the region of 5000 staff.

The NHS and local government consult Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire on all matters relating to the NHS and public health work undertaken by community pharmacy in West Yorkshire. We are also responsible for advancing the enhanced role of community pharmacy to ensure it plays an active part in promoting health and wellbeing across West Yorkshire.

Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire is committed to developing the workforce in our local pharmacies to ensure the whole team have the skills to support people who are unwell and prevent ill health through public health services.

The work of Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire is not for profit and is guided by our Strategy.

We work hard to represent and promote community pharmacy to the NHS and local government and to support community pharmacy teams to deliver high quality health services. We are always pleased to receive comments and suggestions from pharmacy teams so feel free to contact us.